From Chiavari to Moneglia

Walking under the porticoes in Chiavari you find stores and traditional workshops: typical is the production of “chiavarine” chairs, unique for their light design and robustness.

A visit to Palazzo Rocca and the Cathedral Madonna dell’Orto  is also very interesting.

For those who wish to leave the beaches for a few hours, the historic centres of Cavi and Lavagna are also worth visiting too. The Tigullio Gulf ends with Sestri Levante. The small town is set on two bays: that of Silence and that of the Fairy Tales. The latter recalls of the stay of H. C. Andersen. The author is celebrated every year in May with a Literary Prize in his name, which attracts fairy tales writers from all over the world.

Beyond a rocky coast and cliffs, through a narrow road and long tunnels, you can reach Moneglia, a fishermen village with a long sandy beach surrounded by rich vegetation, birthplace of one of the most important Ligurian painters, Luca Cambiaso.

You can’t miss the Basilica of San Salvatore di Cogorno – reachable with a short diversion from the coastline- which was commissioned by Pope Innocenzo IV, a member of the Fieschi noble family.