Sanremo is not only the city of the Festival, a famous Italian song-contest started in 1951 but has also an exceptional climate: in the winter it is Europe’s warmest place above the 42nd parallel of the latitude of Rome.
Therefore since ever it offers good conditions for various plants such as palm-trees and lemon-trees and attracted thousands of aristocrats and rich in the 19th century for a stay in the winter-season, leaving to us an immense heritage of palaces, hotels, villas and gardens.
You might admire:
-the elegant hotels and the promenade of the Empress (named after the Russian Empress Maria Alexandrovna),
-the Russian orthodox church,
-the Casino.
-the romanesque cathedral of San Siro in the lower old town
-the Borea D’Olmo- palace featuring an interesting museum on local archaeology and art
-the fortress of Santa Tecla in the old harbour with its recently discovered pier of the 17th century
-the remarkable medieval centre called „Pigna“ with some characteristic squares, narrow alleyways called
„carruggi“, gates and fountains such as some fine churches (Santo Stefano, San Giuseppe)
-on the hilltop of the „Pigna“ is the 18th century sanctuary Madonna della Costa with a good sea-view
– the Eastern area of Sanremo consists mostly of villas and gardens, such as the Villa Zirio, home of the Prussian Emperor Frederic William III, the Villa Ormond with two vast gardens ( a highlight for gardeners) and Villa Nobel featuring an interesting museum dedicated to the famous Swedish scientist who lived and died in this villa.

High above Sanremo Coldirodi offers many attractions, above all the fabulous art gallery with more than
100 paintings and a superb sea-view.