Hanging on a small promontory and in a strategic position with a view on the „Gulf of Diano“, Cervo was founded by the Romans as an important stronghold.

During the Middle ages the feudal lords Clavesana chose this place for building their castle, which today is known as the ethnographic museum.

Nowadays Cervo is one of the most well-preserved and picturesque medieval villages in Liguria.

Remarkable is the parish church of  Saint John the Baptist, better known as the coral –church (the construction was financed by the coral-fishers in the 17th and 18th century), considered one of the most beautiful baroque churches of the region Liguria.

So is the oratorio of Saint Catherine, a classic example of romanesque architecture with frescoes of the 15th century and former parish church and the Clavesana-castle built around the year 1100.

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