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Besides being in love with the city of Genoa, where I was born, I seize every opportunity for deepening my vocational competence in order to better explain the great beauty of the resorts and the wit of the ancient Ligurian people, which settled down in Liguria.

With my tours either on foot or by coach and through my descriptions I lead visitors into the history and through the architecture of the historic centre of the proud Genoa, and I try to offer a greater insight into the way of living of its province, with its ethnographic museums and treasures. The Ligurian Riviera, especially the Riviera di Levante with villages such as Santa Margherita, Portofino and San Fruttuoso remains one of the most popular destinations.

Genoa unveils its beauty, wherever you look: not only medioeval churches and sumptuous Renaissance palaces such as the Palazzo del Principe (Andrea Doria), the palaces along the Via Aurea (Via Garibaldi), the Palazzi dei Rolli, but also the sea and the urban parks, among others the Durazzo Pallavicini Park in Pegli, west of the city, can be an intense and pleasant “theatrical” experience at the same time, like reading the Divine Comedy by Dante.

I look for initiatives that help the visitors immerse themselves in the mood of the city and understand its exceptional and peculiar characteristics.