Varese Ligure

Varese is located in the upper Vara Valley, in the northern most part of the province of La Spezia.

It borders on the provinces of Genoa and Parma.

Varese Ligure has an unusual circular architectural design. It is called the Borgo Rotondo, the round village, for              this                reason.

The town is located in the Vara Valley, surrounded by hills and mountains.

Varese Ligure is the first European town to receive the Certificazione Ambientale, an environmental certification. Nearby high tech windmills are used to create clean energy.

The town has also been awarded the prestigious Bandiera Arancione, the orange flag, by the Touring Club Italiano. The Bandiera Arancione is an award given to inland towns for the quality of their environment and attention          given     to                tourism.

Varese Ligure is also included in the list of the Borghi più belli d’Italia, the most beautiful villages of Italy.

The valley of Varese Ligure is called the Valle del Biologico, the Organic Valley, because of its high standards of organic agriculture. Local farmers produce organic cheese, milk and meat.

Many footpaths run through the territory. The Alta Via dei Monti Liguri can be easily reached from the Passo Chiapparino and from the Passo delle Cento Croci.

Varese Ligure, like the rest of the Vara Valley, is an oasis of tranquillity. The simple pleasures of nature, age old traditions and delicious local dishes can still be enjoyed here.

Highway A12, 20 km far from the tollgate of Carrodano-Levanto

Train station: Levanto (info: