Sarzana is the capital of the Val di Magra. It is located on the eastern side of the Gulf of La Spezia,  on  the  Magra   River  Delta.

In the Middle Ages, Sarzana was the most important trading centre of the region. Sarzana was also

an important religious centre. The Via Francigena passed through its centre, from Porta Parma to Porta Romana, the two main gates of the town .

The historic center  has maintained its ancient structure. Amongst the most important historical buildings there           are                two        fortresses,

Firmafede and Sarzanello, both refurbished by the Florentines during the

Renaissance and several churches: Saint Andrew that dates back to the XII c.

and Saint Francis situated right outside the old walls. The parish church

dedicated to the Assumption of Saint Mary had been once the cathedral of the

powerful Dioceses of Luni. It hosts the important relique known as “Preziosissimo

Sangue” (preciouse blood of Jesus) and many art pieces including the most

ancient painted cross in the world, a masterpiece by Mastro Guglielmo that

dates back to 1138. Several paintings by Domenico Fiasella are underling the

strong bond between this important ligurian painter (1589-1669) and his

birthplace. Sarzana is still considered the social and economic hub of the Magra Valley. It is famous for its antique shops and its artisan workshops. There are many festivals and exhibitions in August, such as: the Mostra Nazionale dell’ Antiquariato (the National Antique Exhibition); the Soffitta nella Strada (with stands selling antiques and ethnic objects.

The sandy beaches of Fiumaretta, Marinella and Versilia are located nearby.

Sarzana offers an ideal holiday all year long.

Highway A12,  tollgate of Sarzana

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