Manarola, part of the municipality of RiomaggIore, is similar to the other villages of the Cinque Terre: it is made of typical pastel-coloured Ligurian houses which were built along a central stream. The village is all ups and downs, with steep narrow alleys (carrugi), going to the sea.Manarola is a member of the prestigious club “Borghi più belli d’Italia” (the most beautiful villages in Italy).

Manarola is surrounded by seven thousand kilometres of dry stone terraces (muretti a secco) starting at sea level and going all the way up. These terraces are farmed to grow the vineyards producing the famous Cinque Terre white wine called Schiacchetrà.

The Cinque Terre, because of its unique landscape, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The National Park of the Cinque Terre was established to protect the rare flora and fauna of the area. The park also maintains the many footpaths which connect the five villages to the Vara Valley and the Gulf of La Spezia. The Via dei Santuari (the Sanctuary Way) can be reached from these footpaths. Besides, the sea of the Cinque Terre was declared a Marine Protected area.

In spring and summer, ferries and boat tours depart daily going between the towns of the Gulf of La Spezia, the other Cinque Terre, the Riviera and Portofino, weather and sea conditions permitting (

Highway A12, tollgate of La Spezia

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