Brugnato is located in the mid Vara Valley, at the crossroads of the state road Aurelia and the provincial road S.P. 566. It is only a few kilometres from the Cinque Terre.
Brugnato was built in a strategic position. It is located in the mid the Val di Vara, between the Cinque Terre and the Appenine Mountains. In the middle ages, it was an important religious and commercial centre.
The historical centre of Brugnato, which has recently been restored to its ancient beauty, is famous for its characteristic pincer shape. Some of the oldest archaeological artefacts in the area were found in its 12th century cathedral. These artefacts are now on display in the Diocese Museum located in the Palazzo Vescovile,the         former Bishop’s              Seat.
In the Parco Regionale Montemarcello-Magra  it is possible to admire the enchanting natural beauty of the Vara          River                Valley.
Brugnato has been included in the list of the Borghi Piu’ Belli d’Italia (the most beautiful villages in Italy).
Brugnato has also been awarded the prestigious Bandiera Arancione of the Touring Club Italiano. The Bandiera Arancione is awarded for the quality of life and environmental care in small inland towns.

Highway A12, 20 km far from the tollgate of Brugnato

Train station: La Spezia (info: