The territory of Ventigmiglia

The botanical garden Hanbury

The botanical garden Hanbury is the biggest park of the region Liguria measuring 18 hectares including both wild Mediterranean vegetation and various exotic species.

This “paradise on earth” was founded by a rich merchant, the British Sir Thomas Hanbury and is a place of rare beauty throughout all seasons

The archaeological site of Balzi Ross

The archaeological site of Balzi Rossi, inhabited by the Cro-Magnon since prehistory and giving the most important evidence of some sepulchres and rock-engravings discovered in the grottoes at the bottom of the huge rock, today preserved in the museum

The Roman city Albintimiglium

The Roman city Albintimiglium was founded in the 2nd century BC on the mouth of the stream Nervia.

Today we can admire the ruins of the baths with their fine mosaics and the excavations of the theatre.

Don’t miss to explore at the Museum “G.Rossi” and its remarkable archaeological collection of the finds from the Roman period in the Annunziata – fortress near the medieval centre of Ventimiglia

Ventimiglia Alta

Ventimiglia Alta is positioned on the strategic promontory “del Cavu” and rich of medieval and baroque-styled monuments:

the cathedral of the Assumption of Mary, the Romanesque church of Saint Michael including an interesting crypt, the oratorio of  San  Secondo as well as the Genoese gates and walls built around the town in 1529.