Pieve di teco

This village lies in the upper Arroscia-valley at 240m over the sea-level.
It preserves a nearly intact medieval architecture visible in various traces of the past such as the beautiful stone-portals and the monumental gothic archways as well as fine churches.
Since its foundation in the 13th century it is the most important village of the valley being a natural cross-point of trade-routes connecting the lower valleys, the coast and the Piedmont.
Pieve di Teco still keeps its character of a village of artisans and traders: in the medieval shops and depots under the central gothic archway built of local stone and especially in the manufacture of shoes and production of local food-specialities and wine.
Don’t miss to visit the former hospital of San Lazzaro, the smallest theatre in the world (Teatro Salvini) and the churches – remarkable is the majestic parish church Saint John the Baptist featuring important works of art.