Diano Marina

This elegant seaside and holiday-resort on the Ligurian west coast has been settled since the Bronze Age and was called „Lucus Bormani“ by the Romans.

Since then the site used to be an important halt along the Roman road „Via Iulia Augusta“ leading to Gaul along the coastline.

Worth seeing are the parish church of Saint Anthony Abbot , the oratorio of the Holy Announcement with wall-paintings dating back to 1478, some elegant palaces in the historic centre, the „del Parco“-palace featuring a museum with an archaeological section on local findings from the olden times to the late Roman period as well as a section on the „Risorgimento“ in Liguria.

Don’t miss the flower-carpets made of thousands of rose- and broom-blossoms ornating the main street during the „Corpus Domini“ on Whitsuntide