It is considered the gastronomic capital of Liguria and is particularly renowned for “focaccia col formaggio” (cheese focaccia), which has made its name known abroad too. Tradition says that the fortunate recipe was born between the 16th and 17th centuries, during barbaric invasions: the residents were looking for refuge on the hills and here they lived on the famous focaccia, at the time cooked on slate slabs. To be tasted are also other specialities as “troffie al pesto” (a kind of pasta with pesto sauce) or “pansoti al sugo di noci” (with walnut sauce). After lunch you can discover the treasures of the back land: in Megli the Sanctuary N. S. delle Grazie, in Testana the parish church, or at Uscio, the Romanesque parish church of S. Ambrogio, where everything recalls of the hard work of the “ciappeu”, the men who extracted slate from the local quarries.

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