Serena Bertolini

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  • Abilitazioni: ATGT
  • Province: SP
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I am Serena and I am a Tour Guide since 2013, I have chosen this job because of my great interest in the territory where I live and also for the pleasure to work with people. Indeed, in my opinion the most interesting aspect of this job is to spend time with people from different countries and cultures.

The most of my tours take place in the amazing 5 Terre Coastline, Unesco Heritage Site since 1997 then in the Gulf of La Spezia also known as The Gulf of the Poets, where there are the picturesque villages of Lerici and Portovenere. Moreover, in the medieval town of Sarzana, with its rich History, located near the Tuscan border.

During my excursions I offer the possibility to know the history and the traditions of the places but at the same time I do not forget the importance of tasting the typical specialties of the area such as wine, seafood and focaccia. It is also possible to enjoy the breathtaking views that the area offers through the many trails, only with the right equipment of course!

There are many ways to spend a nice day in the Cinque Terre coastline and in the other places of the Province of La Spezia, we can explore the area by train, boat or on foot. In any case the tour can be changed at any moment according to the customer requests.