Massimiliana Bugli

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Hi, my name is Massimiliana, I was born in Genoa but when I was 3 months old my
parents took me to wonderful Puglia, where I lived in Taranto until I was six
years old. Back in my Genoa I have had since elementary schools a passion for
history and ancient art (Egyptian, Greek, Roman), arriving late, consequence of
a centuries-old prejudice on the value of the Middle Ages which is still evident
in the studies of the 1980s they were conditioned to love the medieval one. I
have made this the focus of my academic studies, with the Degree in History of
Medieval Art at the University of Letters and Philosophy and of Genoa (1992) and
with the PhD in Historical Sciences at the Higher School of Historical Studies
of the University of Republic of San Marino. To study ancient documentation, a
fundamental tool for scientific research, I obtained the Diploma in Latin
Paleography and Diplomatic Archival Studies established at the State Archives of
Aside from the titles, I would like to underline my sunny soul, my expansive
character, my love for landscape, for history, art, archaeology, for walking for
the pleasure of doing it, and Liguria almost seems talk to us and tell us: “come
here there is so much to see, breathe, touch, remember”.
See you soon. Massimiliana Bugli