The eastern hinterland and the valleys

Spectacular nature, historic towns, artworks deeply linked to the territory and tradition: these are the ingredients of the Ligurian hinterland.

At the back of Genoa and the Tigullio Gulf, climbing up among chestnuts, oaks, larches and firs on the Apennines, the Genoese families once used to reach their villas.

Today the many villages still preserve their features, isolated in the greenery, less well-known to the broader public, but no less interesting.

Here it is still possible to grasp the real Ligurian essence, among sanctuaries attracting pilgrims from all over the country, among the castles over which various families fought in the past and among the museums of Peasant Culture.

To visit:

–      L’eco Museo dell’Ardesia ( Slate Museum )

–      La miniera di Gambatesa ( Mining museum of Gambatesa )

–      La statale 45 in Val Trebbia ( National Route nr.45  in Trebbia Valley )