The western hinterland and its tradition

The hinterland is worthwhile a visit to discover the places of work and tradition of a territory facing the sea. Mele was famous for the production of paper since 16th century and still today the Museo della carta (Paper Museum) offers witnesses to this hard job. Beyond the Turchino pass, Masone was famous for working iron and producing high quality nails, while Campoligure became famous for silver filigree.

From Valle Scrivia and Val Polcevera, valleys where the Genoese flee during the summer in search of some cool air, come some of the most typical dishes; a cuisine made with wild herbs and mushrooms, salami and wine: these are places rich in history. This is the place where the famous Bronze Table from 117 b. C. was discovered and during the Middle Ages this was the area crossed by the salt route where the so-called “white gold” used to be carried.

Not to be missed are also the Cistercian Abbey of Tiglieto, the Castello della Pietra in Vobbia and the Puppet Museum in Campomorone.