A sea of gardens

There are many villas, dating from the 16th century on, testifying to the rich lifestyle, the power and magnificence of the great Genoese noble families. All of them were surrounded by gorgeous gardens. Many of them are in the Province of Genoa, still open to the public; many of them are included in the project “Mare di Giardini” promoted by Regione Liguria. A chance of visit the whole year round.

Visit with us:

Parco Negrotto Cambiaso at Arenzano

Parco Duchessa di Galliera at Voltri

Villa Pallavicini in Pegli

Palazzo del Principe in Genova

I Parchi of Nervi

Villa Serra Còmago at Mignanego

Palazzo Durazzo Pallavicino and the Abbazia  di S. Gerolamo alla Cervara  at  Santa Margherita

Villa Rocca in Chiavari