Scorgerai dunque una città che domina sul fianco  di un colle roccioso, Genova, superba per popolazione e per  mura, che l’aspetto stesso dichiara signora del mare….

(Francesco Petrarca)

Genoa hides its treasures and offers them to anyone who is curious and wants to look  not only with his eyes, but also with his heart.

Genoa, the Superb, Gate to Europe, Heart of Liguria, is a vertical city, airy and squeezed between hills and cliffs: the sea is its destiny.

The city’s strong link to its own history is shown by contrasts and mixtures unthinkable   anywhere else: different cultures have mingled here for at least thousand years. The results are visible In the city’s urban structure and the character of its residents, rough and generous, in an apparently incoherent way.

The alleyways lead the tourist astray at every single step, following the smell of focaccia or being seduced by rich and imposing 15th century “palazzi”, captured by the moving beauty of the city’s views with slate roofs, cranes, blue sea and sky.

The best way to visit Genoa is with a local guide who will help you discover its multi-faceted beauty.

You will thus enjoy the unique opportunity of   looking at the city through the eyes of someone who knows it well and loves it deeply.

No doubt you will be charmed and you will only want to come back.